Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

— Aldous Huxley


A very generous past student now provides partial scholarships for up to two students to each of our online or in person schools (in the case of an in person school, the scholarship is only available for the complete school, not just marketing or just stockmanship).

Any of our past students (of either one of our Proper Stockmanship or Proper Livestock Marketing in-person or online courses) can nominate someone for a scholarship. This nomination must be received at least a month before the event starts!

Email us with a nomination of a person you know would like to attend but could use financial assistance. Please write a couple of sentences including the name of the course or school they wish to attend, describing a little about this person and their ambition along with their name, phone number, and email address and send that information with subject line “Nomination” to Tina at tina@handnhandlivestocksolutions.com 

The day after the deadline (a month before the school or course begins), we will draw the names of two winners from these nominations and let them know they have won. They can then pay the remaining balance and be registered to attend the school!

All nominees who do not win will have two weeks to still register at the reduced early-bird price (even though that deadline has passed).

The scholarship will pay the following (depending on which school or course)—

  • $300 for an online course (leaving $149 for the student to pay)
  • $641 for a 3 days in person school (leaving $224 for the student to pay)
  • $665 for a 4 day in person school (leaving $234 for the student to pay)

Important points about the scholarships—

  • A former student of ours must nominate the potential candidate at least a month before the event begins.
  • The day after that, we will draw 2 winners who will be notified they can register with just their portion of the payment!
  • We will alert the other nominees they can still register for the full early-bird price if they do so within two weeks.
  • Scholarships ONLY cover partial registration, they do not cover any travel or other expenses incurred by attending a school. 
  • Thanks to our past student who is “paying it forward” for students to have this opportunity!
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