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Online Course Frequently Asked Questions

  • We will post video lessons week by week (five weeks for the Stockmanship course and four weeks for the Marketing course) on password-protected web pages the class attendees can watch on their own time.
  • Then, we will schedule zoom meetings with the class to discuss the materials and answer questions before we move onto the next lesson.
  • Course videos will be available until the end of the course for you to watch and re-watch.

  • You will need moderately fast internet in order to watch the videos and participate in the zoom calls. You will also need a larger tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer to watch the videos on. Although you could watch them on your phone, it will be hard to see the nuances you will need to understand (especially in the stockmanship course).
  • We will be communicating by email quite a bit, so monitoring emails will be necessary to keep up with the latest information.
  • Both courses have handouts you should download and print. It’s most important to print the marketing handout as there are many exercises for you to do to help you understand the math involved. These handouts include all the items from the powerpoints and are yours to keep. 

  • Once you make your payment online or we receive your mailed registration and check, we will email you your username, password, and lots of very important information.
  • This email will come from <> with the subject line, "SAVE Hand 'n Hand School Log-in information."
  • Watch for this email, and read this entire email as it has lots of very important information about the course!

  • In the week before the first lesson comes available, you will be asked to complete at least one and maybe two polls to help us all drill down to at least two (maybe three if the class is large) days and times per week for the zoom meetings.
  • Please watch your email and complete the poll(s) when asked.

  • Each week on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday we will hold at least two and maybe three zoom meetings per week after each lesson (6 weeks for the Stockmanship course and 5 weeks for the Marketing course).
  • The Poll(s) will determine which days/times will work for every student. 
  • Feel free to attend just one or all the zoom meetings per week! Although the material covered in each zoom meeting will be similar, questions and discussions might be different.
  • We will not record and share the zoom meetings. We do this because we feel it's very important you actually show up and participate. 

  • If you log in, try and view a page, and the page says you need to log in to view it (but you are already logged in) and you get caught going 'round and 'round, click the “refresh” icon on your browser.
  • This will encourage your browser to "remember" that you are actually logged in!

  • Click here for a web page with lots of good information to help you get logged in if you are having problems.

  • After you figure out how to log in, please go to your main "Course Overview" page and click on the very first content under "Introduction." Although your course content hasn't been released yet, this page is available as soon as you log in the first time. It has some very important information for you to read and digest so you are ready once the course does begin.
  • It lets me know you are able to log in, you have read the introduction materials, and you are able to watch the video that is presented in the same way the course videos will be presented.
  • I have a way to tell when students log in and also when they click "Mark Complete" at the end of each piece of a lesson.

  • Each piece of a lesson has, at the bottom, a button named "Mark Complete." You will not be able to continue to the next piece until you click that link.
  • If the next piece is a lesson that hasn't been released yet (as we drip the content out week by week), it will let you know that and when the piece will come available. 
  • You cannot just click on a lesson ahead without clicking "Mark Complete" on all the segments before it. 

  • It's very important you download and save the handout pdf file for each lesson. This is yours to keep (though please don't share it with other non-students of our course) and refer to for years to come. 

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