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Online Courses

Proper Stockmanship Course

April 14-May 14, 2023

Using lecture, questions/answers, and videos, we will cover—
  • Research benefits
  • Pressure and release
  • How we communicate with our livestock
  • Instincts of humans and livestock
  • Predator/Prey relationship
  • Positioning and movement
  • Training the herd
  • At the gate and working in the corral
  • Sorting, weaning, receiving, and loading
  • Our attitude

Register by Mail (save PayPal charges)

Click here to register with a pdf file you will print and mail with a check before April 6. Registrations mailed after April 6 will not be accepted.

Register Using PayPal

$471 (includes PayPal fee) for one person or the first person before March 14:

$708 (includes PayPal fee) for two people from the same family/ranch before March 14:

Proper Livestock Marketing Course

July-August, 2023

Registration will open later in the spring. 

Using lecture, questions/answers, current market data, and actual math calculations, we will cover—

  • Know and understand yourself
  • The only price that matters (hint, there won’t be any crystal ball involved)
  • Know your resources (money, feed, livestock, and time) and how to manage them
  • Sell/Buy compared to Buy/Sell
  • Find relationships and determine what to sell and what to buy
  • Marketing for the cow/calf producer (another hint, every cow/calf producer becomes a stocker manager when their calves get to about 300 pounds!)
  • Determine the value of breeding stock
  • How to eliminate guesswork, hoping, and doubt
  • How to use the provided excel spreadsheets
  • Make a profit and stay in business!

Online Course Format

We will post video lessons week by week on password-protected web pages the class attendees can watch on their own time, then we will schedule zoom meetings with the class to discuss the materials and answer questions before we move onto the next lesson.


  • You will need moderately fast internet in order to watch the videos and participate in the zoom calls. You will also need a larger tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer to watch the videos on. Although you could watch them on your phone, it will be hard to see the nuances you will need to understand (especially in the stockmanship course).
  • We will be communicating by email quite a bit, so monitoring emails will be necessary to keep up with the latest information.
  • Both courses have handouts you should download and print. It’s most important to print the marketing handout as there are many exercises for you to do to help you understand the math involved.


Since we started teaching online course we have received some very nice testimonials from students. You can read some of them at the top of our list of testimonials here.


Charge for adults is $599 per person. Two people from the same family/ranch can “buy one, get one half off.” Three people from the same ranch can just use the special price for one of the three attendees. If five or more come from the same ranch, call us for pricing. Your own kids age 18 and under attend free.

For each course, an early bird price will be available up til a month before the first day of the course. Register early to receive it!

Because PayPal charges us a fee for the opportunity for you to register using your PayPal account or a credit card, we will ask you to pay that fee. We do offer print registration forms for each of our offerings so you can print, include a check, and mail your registrations and avoid the fee.

Benefits of online vs. face-to-face schools

  • Save travel, hotel rooms, meals, etc.
  • No time away from your ranch
  • Watch lesson videos (and back-up for clarification) on your own time
  • Re-watch videos during the two months of access
  • Practice between lessons
  • Zoom with other students, Richard, and Tina weekly for questions and answers
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