Animals want us to lead, not with a carrot, but with a calm assertive energy.

— Cesar Millan

Help Logging In

When you sign up for one of our online courses, you will receive an email with login instructions. 

You will start by clicking either the link in the email or the link in the upper right of this website navigation bar (hint, if the text on the navigation bar reads “Logout” you are already logged in!)

When you click the Login link, you will be brought to a page that looks like this. This is where you will enter the personal username and password I emailed you—

Sometimes you might get an error saying something about WordPress requiring cookies. Do not worry! Just enter the correct username/password combination (for this section, not the pair below!) and it will work the second time. 

The first time you log in, a pop-up window looking something like this (except the Username/Password files will be blank) will appear. This is where you will enter the second set of username/password information (beginning with HandnHand . . . .).

Sometimes (and I wish I could figure this out!) you will need to enter this SAME information more than once. It’s quite confusing, because you might think you typed incorrectly, but sometimes it just doesn’t “take” the first time. Just keep entering the correct username/password combination, and it will ultimately work!

This will give you access to the online school pages. 

Once you have entered the information and if you ask your browser to save the information, you won’t need to enter it each time you login. 

If you have any problems accessing your lesson pages, contact us immediately, and we will help you. 

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