Low-stress handling does not mean working livestock slow. I call this ‘slow-stressful handling.’

— Lynn Locatelli, DVM

General School Information

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About our Schools and Talks

We would be glad to talk to your group about stockmanship. Shorter talks (one to two hours) can just cover the value and minimal basics. Longer talks (three to four hours) can cover the value and a few more basics. The best way to learn the most details of using this method of stockmanship is to attend a one and a half or a two day school. The marketing really can’t be explained or even discussed in a short time period because it’s more of an “all or nothing.” We’d need at least a day and a half to provide the necessary information so the attendees could be able to have the tools to do the marketing. In our stockmanship talks and schools we show a wide variety of video demonstrating using stockmanship on different types and classes of livestock at all our talks and schools.
We do not allow video-taping of any of our talks or schools. Feel free to audio tape if you would like.
Sometimes we include live animal demonstrations in our stockmanship talks, but often the entire stockmanship schools will be in a classroom. It might seem like attendees would learn better by seeing Richard actually work the livestock or having the opportunity to work with them yourself, but we feel our time is much better spent using video and discussion in the classroom setting. When a group of people is outside, side discussions start up, some people have trouble seeing, and others happen to be looking away when something important happens. Since many of the stockmanship tools are subtle, attendees will miss much of what happens because there is no “rewind” in live demonstrations! However, using film, we can show a clip over and over pointing out what was done and the result until everyone is clear on what happened and why. If you think there might be a group of people wanting to come to a stockmanship, marketing, or combination school in your area, contact us, and we can set one up there!

Speaking Fees (all fees in U.S. funds)


If you have a group of interested people in your area and would like us to set up a one and a half, two, three, or four day school on stockmanship, marketing, or both, give us a call or email! We would pay all expenses including our travel and meeting room and catering (lunches provided) charges. Registration fees for attendees would be:

  • $549/person for a one and a half day school (either stockmanship or marketing)
  • $599/person for a two day school (either stockmanship or marketing)
  • $849/person for a three day school (one and a half days of marketing and one and a half days of stockmanship)
  • $899/person for a four day school (any combination of marketing and stockmanship)
In the past we did have a process where organizations could pay us a flat fee to put on a school. We will no longer do that. If your organization would like us to present a school, we would be glad to set one up. Your organization might feel it is worthwhile to use the fee you would have paid us to subsidize the individual registrations (prices above) of any of your members. Please email us or call 417-327-6500 to talk to us about scheduling a school in your area.

Speaking at your Conference

If you would like us to come speak at your conference or seminar, please call us with the details, and we will provide a quote.

Our fee policy is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with what you learn, your fee will be refunded.

Stockmanship School Outlines

One to Two Hour Talk Outline

  • What is the value of stockmanship?
  • What are the advantages to the handler and to the livestock?
  • Instincts of Humans and Livestock
  • Our attitude as we deal with our livestock

Three to Four Hour Talk Outline

  • What is the value of stockmanship?
  • What are the advantages to the handler and to the livestock?
  • Instincts of Humans and Livestock
  • Predator/prey relationships (our instincts)
  • Pressure and release
  • Our attitude as we deal with our livestock

One and a half or Two Day School Outline

  • Research Benefits
  • Pressure and Release
  • How we Communicate with our Livestock
  • Instincts of Humans and Livestock
  • Predator/Prey Relationship
  • Positioning
  • Movement
  • Training the Herd
  • At the Gate
  • Working in the Corral
  • Sorting Livestock
  • Weaning and Receiving Livestock
  • Loading Livestock
  • Our Attitude

Marketing School Outline
(only one and a half or two day schools, no short talks)

  • Know and understand yourself
  • The only price that matters (hint, there won’t be any crystal ball involved)
  • Know your resources (money, feed, livestock, and time) and how to manage them
  • Sell/Buy compared to Buy/Sell
  • Find relationships and determine what to sell and what to buy
  • Marketing for the cow/calf producer (another hint, every cow/calf producer becomes a stocker manager when their calves get to about 300 pounds!)
  • Determine the value of breeding stock
  • How to eliminate guesswork, hoping, and doubt
  • How to use the provided excel spreadsheets
  • Make a profit and stay in business!
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