When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

— Wayne Dyer

Stockmanship Video Clips

Bud Williams Explains Using a Bud Box

Eunice Williams wants to post correct information about using a Bud Box online, because all the videos she has seen on YouTube have some errors that indicate the authors don’t fully understand the basic principles behind the Bud Box.

This video shares portions of stockmanship schools where Bud Williams talked about the ideas behind and the use of the “Bud Box” which was named for Bud when he developed the design in the early 1960s in Northern California.

For even more details, be sure and read this post on the stockmanship.com website.

September 5, 2023

Richard and I graze our neighbor’s cows over the summer. It’s time to move them from a paddock near the house to the far south of the property. We thought it would be a good example of properly driving 10 cows (2 coming into or going out of heat), 1 bull, and 6 young calves through 5 gates across ungrazed pastures to where we wanted them in about 20 minutes.

Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan Videos

Watch the videos below to understand the foundational concept of knowing your animals’ zones of influence and understanding the counter-influence of our own predator instincts.

If your herd is huge or small, you’ll be able to apply these key concepts immediately to help you drive and direct your animals much more easily and with fewer helpers.

Video disclaimer: In 2006 the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan produced with sponsors what were at the time very professional DVD videos. We feel we couldn’t improve on recreating the outstanding footage.

Additionally, we no longer call it low-stress, but instead we now call it Proper Stockmanship which is how Bud Williams described it.

A bit about our Marketing

Thanks to Jordan Green – Farmbuilder for this interview (below) which is a great introduction to what we teach in our school!

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