In the final analysis there is no solution to man’s progress but the day’s honest work, the day’s honest decisions, the day’s generous utterances and the day’s good deed.

— Clare Booth Luce

Eliminate Guesswork with Proper Marketing Skills!

A lot of producers are kinda guessing the market when it comes to marketing their cattle.

The Proper Livestock Marketing Course eliminates guessing and “hoping” your way to a profit.

It will empower the producer to make profitable decisions with clear confidence and not only just stay in business but their farm and family can thrive like never before.

Be confident in any decision:

  • When to sort calves off
  • When to sell and replace
  • What to replace stock with
  • What stocker weights to sell/buy
  • When to market breeding cows

Learn how to apply these principles immediately!

It works for any producer:

  • The large rancher with thousands of acres.
  • The family farmer who wants to leave a legacy for the next generation.
  • The small producer who wants to make the most of what he has.

See the results on your very first trip to the sale barn!

Choose either in-person or online classes – starting soon!

Protect your Best Results in Production and Handling with Proper Stockmanship Skills

A lot of producers want to avoid the drama of the traditional  “rodeo-style” round up or driving event.

Not only is it agony for you and your helpers, it’s agony for your animals –  which costs you profit!

Proper Stockmanship teaches how with only one person, or with significantly fewer helpers, quickly and easily train your herd to take the pressure and handle for you in all situations, preparing them for inevitable events including:

  • Gathering up the herd
  • Driving to different pasture
  • Sorting for the sale
  • Weaning
  • Loading
  • or whatever you plan to for your herd
It works for ANY size herd

  • the big feedlot
  • the “hobby” farmer
  • every size farm in between!

See a huge difference the very next time you meet your herd in the field.

And, know you are protecting your animals’ best health and weight gain. Choose either in-person or online classes – starting soon!

Choose either in-person or online classes – starting soon!

Who is Bud Williams?

Bud William’s revolutionary stockmanship was named one of the Top Ten Innovations in the beef industry (alongside things like barbed-wire, antibiotics, and refrigeration!) by Beef Producer in 2011.

In the September 2013 issue of Beef, Bud Williams was named one of the top 50 industry leaders.

Bud Williams died in 2012, but he left a legacy that can help producers now and anywhere.

Richard McConnell and wife, Tina (Bud Williams’ daughter), want more than anything to help as many people as possible with Bud and Eunice’s invaluable training and insight.

An added benefit of attending this course is the ability to buy Proper Livestock Marketing 101 at half the usual price! This 300-page book is an extensive collection of all Bud’s writings on livestock marketing from the website as well as the transcription of his marketing video (not available any longer). 

This book is an excellent companion to our course and a great way to better understand all the important marketing issues Bud wrote about.

After registering for our course, you may buy the book at the special rate of $200 USD at any time up ’til April 13. 

Choose either in-person or online classes – starting soon!

Choose learning in-person OR online!

Taking the schools in person has the advantage of choosing and learning one or both the Marketing and the Stockmanship courses in a short time. Plus you’ll get to network with like-minded producers and have a reason to get a little break from the farm.

Still it’s not a one and done. Even after the schools end, feel free to email or call Richard and Tina with your questions. We want you to succeed!

Taking courses online has the advantage of taking it ALL-IN over 8 weeks!

Because 8 weeks gives you a chance to immediately implement what you learn and bring your questions back to the class.

You’ll get internet access to over 8 hours of recorded videos and 5 scheduled Zoom Q&A sessions live with Richard and Tina.

And if need after class ends, you can even call Richard and Tina with questions!

This marketing and stockmanship knowledge WILL improve—

  • your life
  • the life of your animals
  • the lives of your family
  • and your farm’s profitability

So you’ll confidently KNOW—

  • When to sell
  • Where to sell
  • How to sell
  • and most importantly
  • WHY to sell!

Proper Livestock Marketing Course takes the guesswork out of profiting and gives you confidence in EVERY decision.

And Proper Stockmanship teaches you how to protect the best interest of your animals, you, and your family with best results in handling and production.

Register for either in-person schools or online courses

In-person Schools

February 27-March 1 in Bolivar, Missouri. Information and registration here.

  • Three-day school from Monday to Wednesday.
  • Choose to take Proper Marketing and/or Proper Stockmanship classes.
  • See this link for details on nearby lodging and meal options
  • Early bird pricing ends January 27!
March 29-April 1 in Fredericksburg, Texas. Information and registration here.
  • Three-day school from Monday to Wednesday.
  • Choose to take Proper Marketing and/or Proper Stockmanship classes.
  • See this link for details on nearby lodging and meal options

Online Courses

Proper Stockmanship – April 14-June 14, information and registration here.

  • 8 weeks to learn 5 weeks of online lessons
  • 10 course videos of about an hour each
  • Additional videos to help with specific questions and situations
  • 6 live Q&A Zoom Sessions with Richard and Tina
  • 2 months of full access to all materials
Proper Livestock Marketing – July – August

  • Registration opening soon.
  • Click here for more information.


Proper Marketing Course will use lecture, questions/answers, current market data, and actual math calculations, to cover—

  • Know and understand yourself
  • The only price that matters (hint, there won’t be any crystal ball involved)
  • Know your resources (money, feed, livestock, and time) and how to manage them
  • Sell/Buy compared to Buy/Sell
  • Find relationships and determine what to sell and what to buy
  • Marketing for the cow/calf producer (another hint, every cow/calf producer becomes a stocker manager when their calves get to about 300 pounds!)
  • Determine the value of breeding stock
  • Make a profit and stay in business!
  • Eliminate guesswork, hoping, and doubt

Proper Stockmanship Course will use lecture, questions/answers, and videos, to cover—

  • Research benefits
  • Pressure and release
  • How we communicate with our livestock
  • Instincts of humans and livestock
  • Predator/Prey relationship
  • Positioning and movement
  • Training the herd
  • At the gate and working in the corral
  • Sorting, weaning, receiving, and loading
  • Our attitude

Quotes from Bud and Previous Students

From Bud Williams:

“Proper marketing should be about having the proper amount of money, proper amount of feed and the proper number of animals to work with their price relation to feed and money. This is why I say to deal with today and with today’s conditions and price.”

From Tim:

“Just finished the Proper Livestock Marketing course. The sell/buy concept is fascinating, and Richard and Tina do a great job teaching it. Once they explain how it works, they release the spreadsheets that do all of the calculations. Very interesting and well worth the investment. We have already started implementing.”

From Jodi:

“We used the methods we learned in Brandon for moving cattle last week when we sorted cows and calves and WOW! Much smoother handling, kids were impressed and we were all still smiling and talking to each other at the end of the day! I would have taken pics to show how it was all going but it was moving so tickity smooth and fast there was no time! lol We showed our other kids the DVD and some YouTube videos and they caught on right away so the day went very quickly, and all that was to be done in 2 (possibly 3 days) was done in ONE!!! THANK YOU for teaching the course! It was worth the time and money spent!”

From Bud Williams:

“Learning and using good stockmanship will probably return more profit for the time invested than anything except good marketing.”

From Rob:

“Thank you so very much; this has been THE BEST online course that I have taken. There are online courses where once you buy the course they see their end as done. You guys have over delivered to the tenth degree. It is very clear to me that you want this to be a course that empowers you for life. There is no doubt in my mind that it will! I had a fellow ask me about this sell/buy; I said you just have to take the course at Hand ‘n Hand to start!”

From Ben:

“My son Brian and I sorted, loaded and delivered 33 feeder calves Saturday. Brian said we should send you guys a Thank You Note each time we handle cattle. This was the smoothest and easiest it’s ever gone. The only people who don’t like this method are the folks who have never taken the time to learn and try. Thanks again!”

From Roger:

“I have been around livestock my entire life, and I thought I knew all there was to know about handling livestock. I don’t think I could have been more wrong. Richard & Tina have opened up a whole new world to my sons and I when it comes to handling livestock. Our ability to handle livestock properly has improved not only our bottom line but our quality of life. Reducing stress on your livestock and family is a win win situation. If you ever have a chance to attend one of Richard’s and Tina’s school do so, it will be the best money you will ever spend.”

Choose either in-person or online classes – starting soon!