He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

— Proverbs 13:20

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Marketing your Livestock for Profit

Bud Williams, as well as being the premier authority on Proper Stockmanship, also developed an excellent livestock marketing program.

The Proper Livestock Marketing Course eliminates guessing and “hoping” your way to a profit.

It will empower you to make profitable decisions with clear confidence and not only just stay in business, but your farm and family can thrive like never before.


Proper Stockmanship

Notice we don’t use the term “low stress” because that’s not what Bud Williams taught or believed in. We teach “proper” movements and ways to work with your livestock which will result in the greatest benefit to you and your livestock.

The value of proper stockmanship needs to be understood before you can make the decision to begin to integrate it into your own livestock management.


Who is Bud Williams?

Our Marketing and Stockmanship materials are all based on the work of Bud & Eunice Williams (Tina’s mom and dad).

Bud’s revolutionary stockmanship was named one of the Top Ten Innovations in the beef industry (alongside things like barbed-wire, antibiotics, and refrigeration!) by Beef Producer in 2011.

In the September 2013 issue of Beef, Bud & Eunice were named one of the top 50 industry leaders.

Bud Williams died in 2012, but he left a legacy that can help producers now and anywhere.

Eunice continues to be involved in the livestock industry through the materials she sells on her website, the annual Bud Summit, and attending many of our in-person schools!


Richard’s Path from “before” to “after!”

Richard wrote up a short article of where he came from in the agriculture field, how he started using Proper Marketing and Proper Stockmanship, and how you, too, can shift from “before Bud Williams” to “after Bud Williams!”

About us

Richard and Tina met by chance in 2002, and the rest, as they said, was history!


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Online Courses

We started teaching online courses in 2021 and our students have really found it beneficial to learn from home on their own time over a two month period.

Learn more about them here.

In-person School

We will always have a 3-day Marketing and Stockmanship school before the Annual Bud Summit in early March in Bolivar, MO. In 2024 it will be March 11-13. Registration will open late in the fall.

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School Information

Learn what's involved in our schools, how to bring us to speak for you or your organization, and the outline of our various programs.

Stockmanship Videos

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