Our Second Great School in Wawota, SK!

We just finished our second Marketing and Stockmanship School in Wawota, SK in as many years. What a great group (as always!). It was really nice to see so many young folks very interested in both the marketing and the stockmanship!

Next we will take a week to travel around Saskatchewan visiting old and new friends before our next school June 13-14 in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Great Drive in Florida!

When we got the speaking deal near Dothan, AL for March 22, Richard and I decided we needed to take a little extra time and visit our good friends Tom and Trina of Quality Horsemanship near Madison, FL. We’ve put on two Schools near their place and really enjoyed our “visiting time” as well. This morning we got a special treat when Tom took us on a wagon ride with his team Jasper and Okie!


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Marketing and Stockmanship School in Gentry, AR

We had an excellent school in Gentry, AR this week. How special to meet new folks on Tuesday morning and leave Thursday afternoon feeling like they have been life-long friends!

One of the participants owns a retail store, and she said the Livestock Marketing is just like she needs to use in her store, yet somehow ranchers just don’t see how or why they should apply successful business techniques to their livestock operation!

Dad always said the only reason ranchers make money using typical “marketing” is that their product reproduces and gains weight! If you own an electronics store, you don’t arrive one morning to find that two of your iPhones have fooled around and you now have a new iPod! Or, DVD players don’t turn into Blu-ray players!

The folks at our Livestock Marketing schools learn how to make consistent profit through the year whether with stockers, feeders, cow/calf,  or a combination of all three.

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