It takes 40 years to learn how to handle cattle, but you can go to Philadelphia and learn to be a lawyer in eight.

— Bud Williams

Category: Stockmanship


During one of our stockmanship schools, Richard asked the rhetorical question, “I wonder why some people work their livestock roughly?” One of the attendees quickly

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Snowy Sort

Since we hadn’t had a chance to film working cattle in our newly expanded corral system, we decided to put the calves in and do

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New Stocker Calves

We have a nice group of sale barn calves started. Richard gets them moving to see how they are feeling and if they “need anything.”

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Class at MU

We spoke to an interested group of University of Missouri Ag students and staff Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We were going to do a

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Photos Tell a Story

Here’s Richard and Garland executing a perfect “T” to the gate easily putting the herd through the gate. And here’s another “T” putting them into

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