Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

First we’d like to especially thank Tom, Trina, and Tana Curtin for setting up this school in Madison, FL and providing such a great facility and lodgings for us and many of the other attendees. You can read more about them on their website here.

And, we brought Mom and Dolly along to participate and enjoy the full trip experience. What fun! Mom had been missing meeting and visiting with all the great people who come to these schools. Living in an apartment in town is nice, but sometimes you just don’t get the mental stimulation you get with the attendees of a Marketing and Stockmanship School!

Had to share this fun sign configuration just south of Birmingham, AL. Which way should we go?

Unloading the great calves Tom and Trina had just bought.

Richard and Tom heading out to settle the calves for the first time.

Everyone working their Marketing problems to better understand the Cattle Square. Mom and Dolly supervised!

Tom and Trina’s daughter Tana fixed up a birthday cheesecake for her Mom’s birthday celebration during the school!

She almost got them all! Now don’t count them!

The official group picture!

Tom and Richard heading in to work the calves 24 hours after they arrived.

The end of a great day!

Someone had the great idea to back up this nice, clean flatbed for the lunch buffet! The weather was perfect for a picnic!

Tom and Richard turned the newly weaned calves out on pasture 48 hours post weaning and then drove them past the class back into the corral.

Richard visiting with Trina’s herd of Longhorn cows. They were great!


Tom and Trina getting the “Cow Head Award” of a hand-made, barbed wire, cow head made personally by Richard.

Thanks again to Tom, Trina and all the wonderful attendees
who made this school one of the best ever!

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