It takes 40 years to learn how to handle cattle, but you can go to Philadelphia and learn to be a lawyer in eight.

— Bud Williams

A Visit to Rockin’ H Ranch

This afternoon we went to the Rockin’ H Ranch Open House on their 1000 acre ranch near Norwood, Missouri.

They raise “Real Farm Food” raised without hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. Real people producing real farm food; what a breath of fresh air.

Cody Holmes gave us and other customers a tour of the farm activities.

In the background is their chicken tractor, home to the free-range laying hens.

The cattle are intensively grazed for the best quality meat.

The chickens clear the manure of fly larvae and also spread the manure patties so it goes back into the soil more quickly.

Here are some butcher chickens grazing fresh pasture each day. They are ready to butcher on Monday.

Here’s the dairy herd. We bought some of their raw milk, and it’s great. I miss having raw, high quality milk so much.

They also pasture farrow and raise hogs. Again, the meat of a pastured hog is not even in the same class as the pasty, mushy stuff you find in the grocery store!

And, they also have a flock of Katahdin ewes.

What a glorious place to raise animals to feed the local area!

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  1. Thank you very much for all the good word about Real Farm Foods. Your photos are the best and we enjoy very much having good folks down to the ranch like you and BU…Richard.Ha Ha. Come back soon.

    Cody Holmes

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