What we already know is a great hindrance into discovering the unknown.

— Claude Bernard

We bought nine head of mostly unweaned stockers at the sale Saturday afternoon. We hauled them home and worked with them Saturday afternoon and evening and combined them with 5 of our previous calves in the barn lot. Sunday morning early Richard worked them some more and turned them out in our training pen (to train them to electric fence). He drove them Sunday evening and Monday morning. Then, Monday afternoon I filmed him driving them into the barn lot, into the corral, and through the corral. We don’t believe you, necessarily, need to put cattle through the corral so they get used to it before working. This was just a chance to film these newly weaned calves (notice how quiet it is?) worked through the corral.

One advantage of working the cattle from the front is, the cattle who can’t take as much pressure will go out in the first bunch or two, so they aren’t getting more and more stirred up as time goes on. Watch the white calf and his buddy hurry into the first group. Ok, Richard might have pressured them just a little too much, but it worked out just fine! And, notice how they leave the chute and immediately settle down.

The last group in the big corral work just as nice as the first group. Maybe nicer because they are the calmest cattle who can take the most pressure. And, see how nice and calm the entire group is after their little trip through the corral?

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