Animals want us to lead, not with a carrot, but with a calm assertive energy.

— Cesar Millan

We are often asked about grazing through snow when we visit with people about grazing all year round. Several years ago we had a 16 inch snow, and we photographed the cows grazing through it to show it could be done

At first they walked around the new paddock looking for a hay bale or something they might consider “feed.” Then one happened to notice a little bit of grass extending up through the snow and started eating down it. Another one noticed her eating something and crowded in.

Pretty soon they were all eating!

The next day, this was what their paddock looked like against the electric fence. They had almost completely rototilled the snow getting to all the grass!

Here they are in the next paddock 5 days later after another snow piled up some more.

It’s actually snowing in this shot as everyone has their head buried in the snow. So, yes, cattle can continue to graze stock-piled pastures when there is snow on the ground! Here in SW Missouri we probably would never get enough snow that a cow couldn’t get down to the grass. However, we do get ice storms which can cause problems if it gets thick enough. That’s the only reason we need hay now, if too much ice falls.

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