It takes 40 years to learn how to handle cattle, but you can go to Philadelphia and learn to be a lawyer in eight.

— Bud Williams

Photos of Talks in West Virginia

The West Virginia University Extension puts on a series of “Dinner Meetings” through the winter where they invite a speaker to come speak four evenings for four years. This will reach every county in West Virginia with this certain topic.

We spoke to the southern counties last year and to the northern counties this year. Next year we will be the center of the state for a week.

This year we spoke in the following counties: Lewis, Hampshire, Hardy, Pendleton, Marshall, Marion, Mineral, and Berkeley.

At the Jackson Mills 4-H Camp in Lewis County.

At the School for the Deaf and Blind in Romney in Hampshire County.

At the Moorefield Middle School in Moorefield in Hardy County.

This corral load-out system was on Hwy 33 just east of Harman. The folks who loaded sheep and cattle out of this system knew about good stockmanship (and how to stop traffic also!). After we added this photo to the presentation, several folks at each talk knew about them and some remembered when they were actually used.

At the Franklin Community Building in Pendleton County.

At the old State Prison barn in Moundsville in Marshall County.

In Fairmont in Marion County.

Keyser sure could be the Friendliest City in the USA, but we found that West Virginia is about the friendliest state in the Union!

In the Firehouse in Burlington in Mineral County.

And we ended up the tour speaking at the Shenandoah Valley Sportsmen Club near Martinsburg in Berkeley County.

Here’s a map of our speaking locations and dates.

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