Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

— Albert Einstein

We had another excellent Nebraska School in Brewster at Uncle Buck’s Lodge. If you’d like to have a great “Western” Bed & Breakfast experience, don’t miss Uncle Buck’s Lodge! The header image for this post is the Loupe River from the deck of the Lodge.

Uncle Buck's LodgeUncle Buck’s Lodge


The Marketing School from the balconyThe Marketing School from the balcony

The Marketing SchoolThe Marketing School

The Marketing School group shotThe Marketing School group shot

Answering questions during a breakAnswering questions during a break

We moved to the basement for the Stockmanship School so the videos would show better.We moved to the basement for the Stockmanship School so the videos would show better.

20160909-img_6180The Stockmanship School Group!

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