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— Aldous Huxley

Another Good Driving Experience

Hot Rod

Richard just had another great driving experience. We returned late Tuesday from our last school in Wyoming, then on Wednesday a neighbor came over and said he had lost a bull and wondered if he was on our place. Then our other neighbor who watches over the place while we are gone said yes, he had seen the bull in one of our pastures near the road.

So, this morning we went out and found him. Richard drove him right up to the house through 4 gates across 5 ungrazed paddocks. When Richard had talked with the bull owner, the man had said we could even keep him a while if we wanted to use him. We thought we’d look at the bull before making that decision! Hot Rod (of course we had to name him!) is with our cows now because he’s a very nice looking bull. I think we have 2-3 heifers who weren’t quite old enough to breed when we hauled the last bull off. In the photo at the top he’s checking out the girls to see who might need attention.

Hot Rod and Blaze grazing the yard.Hot Rod and Blaze grazing the yard.

We didn’t change our grazing plan for the day, which was to graze the yard. Hot Rod fit right into the group with no problems.

It’s sure nice to be able to do whatever you need to get whatever you need done!

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