Whenever we are working livestock, and we are working hard, we are doing something very wrong — or somebody is. It’s usually somebody else.

— Bud Williams

Just do the Math and Smile and Mean it Items

The other day Richard and I decided we needed tee-shirts and mugs that say “Just do the math,” because it’s so important for so much of the things we do in our lives (not just Proper Livestock Marketing). So, we asked my niece, Beth, who already has the store for all “Smile and Mean it” items to add in “Just do the math” items!

First I did the swoopy font idea, and Beth told me that men would NOT wear that! So, I said, fine, I’ll do a more manly font so men can have one and I can have the other!!

Anyway, if you’d like to buy any “Smile and Mean it” or “Just do the Math” items, here’s the place to get them: https://www.319east.com/collections/smile-mean-it

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