It’s what happens before what happens, happens.

— Ray Hunt

More on “Do the Math!”

Yesterday we finished the last of the calculations and videoing for the last lesson on our Jan-March online marketing course. Whew. Although it wouldn’t matter for teaching Proper Livestock Marketing principles what prices we used, we’ve always used the most current we can when developing our extensive handout, powerpoint, and lectures. We hope seeing the actual, current prices will help students even better see what’s happening in the markets and how they can view their current inventory and make marketing decisions.

If you’ve bought “Proper Livestock Marketing 101” or attended one of our past marketing schools and have questions, don’t hesitate to email or give us a call. If you have specific questions about your market, send us the ranking excel file for your most recent auction before you call.

If you haven’t, consider buying “Proper Livestock Marketing 101” (information here) or attending one of our online courses or in person schools. Read about them here.

I will post some information here as time goes on, but it’s not something you can give just small bits to people and have it help them. With the stockmanship, you can ask people to quit yelling around livestock, and they will have some better results just from doing that! However, the marketing is more complicated, and you really need to understand all the basic principles in order to make profitable decisions.

So, enjoy today’s “Budism,” and have a great weekend!

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