Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice, it is not something to be wished for, it is something to be attained.

— William Jennings Bryan

Almost every decision we make in our day-to-day lives involves math. “Where should we go for lunch today?” “Should we sell or keep (buy) our 550 lb. steer calves?” “Should we buy our wife a nice Christmas gift or sleep on the couch?” In order to make most of these decisions, we should do some math.

How many hours do we need to work to pay for the lunch we are considering? Is that a good sell-buy? Could we make a better sell-buy by spending that money someplace else? It’s ok to consider emotional needs as long as you understand you are doing it. “I really want to have a great lunch, so I’m willing to spend more hours of work for that lunch.”

Are the 550 lb. steers over- or under-valued on the market given your CtK? If they are over-valued, is the value of gain still being paid for higher weights? IE, if you keep them, is the market going to pay you to put more weight on them? There are several bits of information here that need to be considered as you do the math!

For the last question, there’s really only one consideration, how comfortable is your couch?

Start doing the math on every decision you make. Be sure you are making a good sell-buy. You will find that sell-buy marketing will seep into every decision you make!

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