It takes 40 years to learn how to handle cattle, but you can go to Philadelphia and learn to be a lawyer in eight.

— Bud Williams

First Stockmanship Symposium at a Society for Range Management meeting

Richard and I were proud to be included in the group of speakers at the "Stockmanship: Managing rangelands with effective low-stress livestock" day-long session as part of the Society for Range Management annual meeting in Sacramento, California.

Thanks to the following sponsors of the day: 11th Hour Project, TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, Paicines Ranch, University of California Cooperative Extension in Placer and Nevada Counties, Keystone Conservation, Stockmanship Journal, Hand ‘n Hand Livestock Solutions, and The Whole Picture.

Roger Ingram and Steve Cote chatting before it started.

Kent Reeves opening up the session.

Richard during our part of the presentation.

Steve Cote and his great book. Here’s info on how to order it. My photo quality was horrible. I don’t like using a flash while people are speaking, and the lighting was bad.

Derek Bailey

Bob Kinford

Matt Barnes

Whit Hibbard answering questions during the panel time.

Richard’s turn to answer a question.

Steve answering a question.

Kent giving the closing poem!

The 2015 SRM Stockmanship Speakers: L-R back row: Matt Barnes, Whit Hibbard, Tina Williams, Richard McConnell; front row: Steve Cote, Derek Bailey, Bob Kinford, and Kent Reeves [Thanks Jesse Bussard for taking this photo!]

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