Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

— Aldous Huxley

Speaking at Eco-Farm conference at Asilomar, California

Richard and I were honored to be asked to speak at the 34th Annual Eco-Farm conference at Asilomar, California.

On our drive to Asilomar from Sacramento, we realized how severe the drought is in California. This bull was enjoying a little shade in this pasture near the San Luis Reservoir.

No trip is complete without Tina taking some sunset photos; and the ocean is the best subject!

Full Day Pre-Conference Session

We presented a part of the pre-conference session "Stockmanship: Low-Stress Livestock Handling Seminar" sponsored by Paicines Ranch and TomKat Ranch Educational Foudation.

Kent Reeves of The Whole Picture Consulting, LLC moderated the day and shared excellent poetry throughout.

Whit Hibbard of the Stockmanship Journal gave an excellent presentation on the comparison between conventional livestock handling and low stress stockmanship.

Then we presented some "how-to" relating to learning good stockmanship methods.

90-Minute Break-out Session

On the first day of the conference, we presented a break-out session along with Whit, Kent, and Temple Grandin on "Integrating Stockmanship with Range Management."

After we each spoke our 20 minutes, we answered questions from the audience.

Richard, Tina, Whit Hibbard, Temple Grandin, and Kent Reeves.

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