Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Never overestimate your power to change others.

— Wayne Dyer

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February 7:

I worked with that old cow I was telling you about [at our talk February 5 in Westphalia] twice the next day. We made a lot of progress. I walked her into the lot again but didn’t pen her. I didn’t have time to load her, so I left her stand in the lot, left the gates open, and walked away.

She is one of those that is going to take a little more time because of her past, but I will get her. I’m committed. And what a great learning opportunity she is.

February 11:

I got the cow caught on Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t easy. She was pretty tough. Like I told you before, she was wild in the pasture and mean in the corral, real sensitive. The other problem with her is that she had been without any herd mates for a couple of months and had escaped the corral the last two times in it by jumping out. The corral is one of those good designs that is made up of wire cattle panels, four strand rusty barbed wire, and old boards.

Anyhow it took about 1 and a half hours to get her in the corral from the field. We had a couple of times she started to go sooner, but she wasn’t ready and I knew I couldn’t make this cow to do anything until she made up her mind she was ready to.

After a half hour in the corral, and a couple of tense moments when she thought about jumping out again, she loaded fine. I had to back off and work her outside the corral. I just tried to be careful, really watching her as to how much pressure to put on or take off. I called the owner of the cow and told him I had her on the trailer. He couldn’t believe it. He told me he just knew we were going to have to shoot her to get her off the place.

Thanks for your help.

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