Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.

— Henry Ford

Speaking in Havre, Great Falls, and Hobson, MT

We enjoyed this trip to Montana speaking to interested ranchers sponsored by the Montana University Extension

We spoke to 77 attendees in Havre on Monday. Many of them had attended Dad’s Stockmanship School in Miles City several years ago and were already sold on the idea of good stockmanship.

On Tuesday, Wade, the local extension agent, drove us around south and west of Great Falls on our day off.

We saw some great red . . .

. . . black . . .

. . . and white cows!

And more lovely country than Tina could photograph!

We spoke to about 65 people in Great Falls on Wednesday.

We spoke Thursday at the Stevenson Basin Auction Barn in Hobson, MT. It was a wonderful facility.

We spoke in the auction area which had great facilities.

The bar in the auction barn had a goldfish “pond” in it. One of the attendees tried out his newly gained stockmanship skills to herd the fish all to one end. It works even with goldfish!

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