It’s what happens before what happens, happens.

— Ray Hunt

Two Day Stockmanship School Burlington, CO

We had an excellent group for this school including this 9 year old boy who was such a wonderful behaved boy. He asked great questions and we hope he will be able to quickly start using these techniques since he has less “unlearning” to do!

On Saturday Kit Pharo of Pharo Cattle Company came and spoke to the group for a little while. Here’s the class group shot including Kit on the left and Richard on the right.

Here’s how things looked when we left Burlington around 4 pm. It had been freezing rain off and on for two days. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and had the meetings at the Route Steakhouse. What great food they had!! We had planned on just driving a little ways to Limon, CO Saturday evening and driving the rest of the way to the Denver airport on Sunday morning, but the forecast was for some snow, so we decided to drive all the way to Denver Saturday night.

By the time we hotelled up, it was snowing pretty hard. Here’s Richard by our trusty rental car. The snow on the car was from the 35 minutes we were inside a restaurant eating dinner! When we came outside after eating, our tracks in the snow from entering were almost totally obscured! Surprisingly enough, there weren’t any other people in the restaurant except us!

We flew out Sunday morning, arrived in Kansas City about 5:30, and were on the road by 6:30. The roads were some icy for our four hour (usually three hour) drive, but Richard just drove carefully, and we made it on in just fine.

Another great tour!

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