It takes 40 years to learn how to handle cattle, but you can go to Philadelphia and learn to be a lawyer in eight.

— Bud Williams

Easy Work on Labor Day

Tina and I were able to share an enjoyable Labor Day with my friend Ben (see testimonials page) working calves.

First Ben and I sorted the calves off the cows. Notice how we both turned our backs to easily allow the cow to go between us? The cows were wanting to go to new pasture and were extremely easy to sort leaving the calves behind.

Then we drove the sorted calves . . .

. . . across the road to the working facilities.

In the first sort, some calves went through a hole in the fence and got back with the cows. While the crew was working the first group, Tina and I brought the cows and few calves back in and sorted the remaining calves off again. The cows were not “afraid of” the corral or their previous experience.

Here’s the working facility. I’m feeding the calves into the alley from the tub (which isn’t used as a tub, but as a pen up to the alley).

After we finished these calves, we found more calves mixed in with the cows (I guess we didn’t get a good gather that second time). So, we brought those calves and some cows in a third time! They sorted even better this time. When we were done working calves, we joked about maybe sorting them off one more time just for fun! And it was great fun!

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