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— Ayn Rand

Stockmanship in Northern California

Richard and I traveled to the Arcata, California area for a week for my high school reunion. I introduced Richard to some of the ranchers Dad and Mom worked with in the 60s and 70s when Dad was first spreading the word about the value and methods of better Stockmanship.

Here’s Richard helping Rich Hunt put some calves into the corral for loading.

They move lots of cattle from paddock to paddock every day. Richard helped Rich by opening gates and driving cattle. What a great vacation!!! No, I really mean that!

Here Richard is front of the Preston Place corrals on the Arcata Bottoms. These corrals are the scene of many of the movies Dad has on the stockmanship video he sells. Unfortunately, the Department of Fish and Game has inherited this land and let the corrals (and the land) fall into disuse.

On Saturday we helped Rich and Dean Hunt load out five truck loads of calves to head to the feedlots. In California a Brand Inspector needs to look at each animal. She’s on the far right and easily able to look at each animal as it walks by, slowly guided by the other horsewomen. Here’s another great value of Stockmanship!

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  1. Tina and Richard – I lived on the Preston Ranch during graduate school and helped the Ford Family and their ranch manager, Bud Vann with brandings and such in the early 1980’s. I am actively involved in wildlife and range ecology and advocate stockmanship with sound grazing management. I included a website with a photo of me teaching Cal Poly students about biodiversity. Several ranchers and friends I work with have been involved with your father’s programs for a long time now. I hope we have a chance to meet and work together.

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